Managing Your Nutrients

Managing Your Nutrients

The addition of fertiliser in either organic or inorganic forms is essential for sustainable and productive agriculture. However, incorrectly applied fertilisers can degrade soil, groundwater, water courses and reefs. Good nutrient practices must maintain productivity while preventing or minimising off-target impacts.

Reef Regulations

In December 2019, the Queensland Government introduced regulations for the use of nitrogen and phosphorous on banana farms in Reef catchments. Read the resources below to find out more.

Factsheets/ Case Studies

Save money on phosphorus fertiliser (a summary of results from a research project by John Armour and Rob Lait).

Optimise nutrient rate and application (Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries)



Testing your fertigation system (ABGC)


Banana Nutrition with Sellars Bananas


Water for Profit Case Study – Charles Camuglia, Fresh Yellow


Water for Profit Case Study: Craig Van Rooyen Bundaberg

Water for Profit Case Study – Austchili Bundaberg