Panama TR4

The Panama TR4 Program has created a short video (8mins) for people who do a job on or around a banana farm, with some clear messages about minimising the spread of Panama TR4.

Australian Banana Industry Congress 2019

The Australian Banana Industry Congress 2019 will be held at Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast from May 22-24. Take a look at the location with ABGC Communications Manager Sonia Campbell.

Best Management Practice

Congress 2017

Video produced by the ABGC to officially open Congress 2017

Nuffield Scholar Matthew Abbott talks about his Nuffield experience. The ABGC produced video was played at Congress 2017

Day 1 Congress 2017 – Highlights package

Congress Day 2 – Highlights package

Congress Day 3 – Highlights package

Industry News

In October 2017, 13 NextGen banana growers from North Queensland took part in a study tour to the Northern Territory.

Mena Creek grower Matt Abbott studied opportunities for organic farming, including obtaining value through branding. This presentation was delivered at the 2017 Nuffield Australia National Conference.

A highlights package of the Australian Banana Packing Championships held at the Innisfail Show – July, 2016.

Panama TR4

Dr Kathy Crew and Dr John Thomas talk about their work as part of the Banana Plant Protection Program to keep Australian bananas free from virus diseases

Juliane Henderson’s presentation on how diagnostic testing is helping to safeguard Australia’s banana industry

David Peasley and Mike Smith from the Banana Plant Protection Program talk about testing banana plants for resistance to Panama Race 1 on a subtropical trial block at Duranbah in northern New South Wales

Tony Pattison’s presentation on using ground covers to suppress Panama

Stewart Lindsay’s presentation about TR4 containment measures used on the world’s largest single banana farm in the Philippines

Managing footwear on banana farms

How to identify and report plants that may be infected with Panama TR4

Panama symptoms and information on protecting your farm.

Produced by the banana industry’s National Banana Development and Extension Program

Soil Health

Banana Nutrient Management with Sellars Bananas

Banana Soil Conservation with Darryl Evans

Soil management at Gaia’s Banana Farm

National Banana Roadshow

Developing a standard industry banana carton – Tristan Kitchener

International insights with banana Nuffield Scholar Paul Inderbitzin

Importing banana material and accessing new varieties – Sharon Hamill

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