Key facts

The Australian Banana industry

  • Bananas are Australia’s number-one selling supermarket product (in volume), with over five million of them eaten daily, all of which are grown in Australia.
  • Bananas are also number two nationally in terms of total product value.
  • Bananas are a year-round product.
  • 96 per cent of Australian households buy bananas weekly.
  • In 2016/17 banana production was 414,000 tonnes, with a farm gate value of $600 million.

While Queensland accounts for 94 per cent of Australia’s 13,000 hectares of banana production, almost all of that is in North Queensland, mainly around the Cassowary Coast (Tully, Innisfail and Kennedy) region, south of Cairns, on the Atherton Tablelands, and at Lakeland, north of Cairns.


Banana Production – 2016/17
Hectares                                    Tonnes Tonnes (%)
North Queensland 11,000 389,000 94%
New South Wales 1,450 16,000 4%
WA 240 8,000 2%
Other (SEQ & NT) 100 1,000 0%
Total 12,790 414,000 100%

Approximately 95 per cent of bananas grown in Australia are the Cavendish variety. The next most popular is Lady Finger (about four per cent) and then there a range of other varieties grown for smaller markets, including Ducasse, Goldfinger, Red Dakka and plantain cooking bananas.

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