Crunch time for leaf spot

Growers are reminded that now is the time to get leaf spot under control as the wet season, humidity and hot weather is upon us.

It is much easier to keep inoculum levels low (under the recommended 5%) by making sure your de-leafing in up to date and by following the recommended resistance management strategy for spraying.

High levels of leaf spot infection in your plants will cause problems not just for you, but also your neighbours such as:

• delays in filling bunches

• reduced ‘green life’ in fruit causing mixed ripening

• increased costs for de-leafing and spraying

• difficulty in detecting exotic leaf diseases if they arrive in your area

• restricted market access.

As the proverb goes, the hardest work of all is to do nothing.

For more information, consult ABGC’s Carl Rickson on 0447 551 473, your chemical reseller or agronomist.