Growers’ e-bulletin – 17 April, 2020


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April 17, 2020

Marketing Update from Hort Innovation


The main purpose of this Banana Marketing update is to summarise the changes and actions to the marketing program taken since the impact of Covid-19.

Since the market and our consumer behaviours are changing so rapidly, we’ll be providing weekly updates to SIAP and industry until further notice. This report only covers the impact to date. Future marketing plans will take into consideration insights and information as they become available.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected all Australians and the media landscape.

As people are required to stay at home more often, there is greater demand for Linear TV, digital video and catch up services.

Search and Social Media are seeing growth as social distancing practices become tougher and people look towards social networking platforms to stay connected with friends and family.

Outdoor is one of the hardest hit channels as we are required to stay indoors as much as possible.

The tightening of social distancing rules also resulted in the closure of gyms and cinemas from March 23rd onwards.​

As this occurred during our campaign period, changes were made to the media plan including the following :

Gym’s – Remaining activity post 23rd March cancelled, with spend moved into Catch Up TV.​

Cinema – Planned activity for April School Holidays: cancelled, with spend being moved into Digital Channels.

  • It is important to note that ‘Peel Good, Feel Good’ campaign is still relevant in the current climate. Messages of the health benefits, at home usage occasions and the light tone of our communications already feature. 
  • We will be continuing with current campaign creative whilst reinvesting in best fit media channels. NB: Current planned paid media activity runs until the end of June.
  • We have reviewed the tone on social channels to fit with COVID-19 sentiment.
  • Events activity has been cancelled and reinvested into PR and influencers
  • Retailers have stopped all in store sampling

COVID 19 – Other Changes to Program 

• Reinvested into digital channels away from Out of Home.  Relevant digital creative (such as health, immunity) have been upweighted.

• Created new social content which plays to current events and provides light entertainment to people now less-busy.

• The main National Banana Day Event has been cancelled and new activity on social media is detailed below.

• Currently conducting PR with Nutritionist Susie Burrell on the benefits of bananas on health and immunity.

Results prior to Lockdown

  • In March (to week ending 24th) Banana sales were up 11.9% in volume and 8.9% in value vs. one year ago
  • This growth was driven by a higher number of households purchasing  (+5.1%) and increased number of trips per household (+4.6%)
  • This is taken from the latest Nielsen Homescan data


National Banana Day 

Since the last communication on National Banana Day, times have somewhat changed. The plans to have ‘Australia’s biggest banana breakfast’ event is no longer possible but the day itself will not go unmarked. Let’s celebrate National Banana Day on May 1st.

Here’s the activity taking place and how you can be involved:

Consumer marketing activity: PR, Social Media, Influencers and Ambassadors 

Two consumer trends have emerged which the marketing activity will now centre around; providing activities at home and baking.

With everyone in their homes, a nation of bakers has emerged. And one thing seems to be the top of everyone’s baking repertoire; banana bread. We want to make sure the country’s baking efforts are coming out tip top. So, for National Banana Day we’re on the hunt for Australia’s ultimate banana bread! We will run a competition to encourage Aussie’s to share their best baking efforts. It will be promoted on our social media channels, in press and through a series of influencers.

Additionally, to get everyone peeling and feeling good in the morning, Billy Slater has agreed to do a special National Banana Day live workout. So dust off those leggings and follow @b1slater on Instagram.

How can I be involved?

Firstly, spread the news! Share the national banana day logo and the @australianbananas posts on your own social media channels and #nationalbananaday2020

Have you been sitting on a banana bread recipe that is too good to keep to yourself? Chocolate chip, coffee, walnut or vegan. Whatever your secret trick share it and we can feature it on our website or social media. Either use the tags above and post it to social media or email it to


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