COVID-19 Health Management Plan Templates

Queensland Government officers will be undertaking compliance checks across Far North Queensland from next week, (17 August, 2020) assessing whether growers have compulsory COVID-19 Health Management Plans in place.

Workplace Health and Safety staff will target growers, businesses that provide transport services for seasonal workers and contract labour hire providers, across the Atherton Tablelands and Cassowary Coast.

Growers who employ seasonal workers, including visa holders, must have a health management plan in place to manage the risk of COVID. 

The Seasonal Workers Health Management Plan Direction came into effect on 5 May 2020.

Completed and signed plans must be submitted to  and must detail daily health screening steps, measures to reduce the risk of transmission and managing workplace staff information. 

A detailed FAQs about the management plan is available on the ABGC website here

ABGC’s detailed COVID-19 Guide for Banana Growers can be found here

If you are unsure of your requirements as an employer, you can find more information on the ABGC’s website or email

At the top of this page is a link to two separate documents;

  1. A COVID-19 Workplace Health Management Plan Template (includes examples of actions to assist in meeting requirements and is the document that growers must lodge to 
  2. A COVID-19 Farm Record Keeping forms to be used on farm and assist in meeting requirements in the Plan.

These documents do not replace or reduce grower’s obligation to read Qld Health Annexure A: COVID-19 Workforce Impact Reduction Checklist, the ABGC COVID Guide, or any other Qld Heath directive.

Advice does not constitute legal advice or replace WHS or other legislative requirements of the business.