Growers’ e-bulletin – 10 January, 2022

 10 January, 2022

Rule change to ensure critical work goes ahead

Latest COVID-19 updates 

Federal Opposition Leader tours FNQ

Rule change to ensure critical work goes ahead

The Queensland Government has announced that critical workers will be able to provide essential services while they are classified close contacts, provided they meet strict health criteria.

Agriculture production and food supply chains are included in the government’s list of critical industries.

A ‘critically essential worker’ is someone employed in critical industries who must be in the workplace to do their job.

Critical or essential workers who are eligible and are able to work during the usual close contact quarantine period will be required to: 

  • travel to and from work in a private vehicle
  • while travelling and working wear appropriate PPE
  • maintain personal hygiene (hand washing etc)
  • undertake regular symptom surveillance 
  • undertake a RAT on Day 6, consistent with the requirements for all close contacts.

Workers will need to be fully vaccinated and must wear a mask, and must be asymptomatic.

If at any stage they develop symptoms, they need to return to quarantine immediately.

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Latest COVID updates

For the latest COVID-19 updates go to the ABGC webpage here  

You will find updates on COVID rules including public health directions and mandates, testing, facemasks in packing sheds and continuity plans.

Federal Opposition Leader tours FNQ

Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese toured Far North Queensland at the weekend.

He met with Stephen Lowe, ABGC chair, where they discussed industry issues including labour and biosecurity.