Grants & Opportunities

Grants & Opportunities

Grants, scholarships and opportunities available for growers
Grants available for growers
The following grants have been compiled for quick and easy access to information regarding financial help and other levels of support. Have a read through, you never know… there could be one to help fund your next project!
BMP Incentive Grant

Grant applications are open for banana growers who wish to implement projects that fit into a long-term sediment plan that leads to water quality leaving properties.

Funding 50% of the project to a maximum value of $20,000

Matched funding to implement recommendations from your Entrepreneurs’ Programme – Growth service

Growth Grants are an Entrepreneurs’ Programme grant to help your business grow.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme provides access to a national network of experienced facilitators. They’ll work with you to improve your business practices, become more competitive, and take advantage of growth opportunities. 


You must have received a completed plan from one of the following services:

  • Growth Roadmap
  • High Growth Accelerator
  • SMART Projects and Supply Chains

From $2,500.00 to $20,000.00

Boosting cash flow for employees
Government assistance is available to help your business withstand the impact of the Coronavirus and encourage an economic recovery into the future. The temporary assistance measures include:
  • a wage subsidy to support businesses and not-for-profits
  • help to manage cash flow
  • a wage subsidy for apprentices and trainees
  • a safety net for companies facing financial distress
  • a time-limited asset investment incentive
  • and credit and loans

Mort Johnston Professional Development Scholarship

The Mort Johnston Professional Development Scholarship has been established by the Australian Banana Growers’ Council to honour the memory of a man whose vision, determination, optimism and goodwill were an example to all.

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to individuals seeking to further their professional development in ways that will ultimately benefit the Australian banana industry.

Eligible students receive $5000 in their third year of study of agricultural or related science degree program at the University of Queensland. It also provides those recipients with vacation employment at one or more banana businesses.

This provides an opportunity for enthusiastic and high achieving students to consider a career in the exciting and dynamic Australian banana industry and provide them with a solid foundation for an industry network.

The student will be required to finance their travel, accommodation and living expenses while on work experience, but ABGC will assist the student in arranging the work experience and the grower or other employer will pay that student for work performed.

The scholarship is to be awarded to the applicant showing greatest merit as demonstrated by-

(a) academic achievement in courses undertaken during the first five semesters of the relevant program;

(b) personal qualities, including leadership potential;

(c) strength of interest that the applicant demonstrates in completing at least one period of vacation employment at a banana business; and

(d) demonstrated interest and capacity to make a worthwhile contribution to the development of the Australian banana industry.

The new scholarship arrangement started in 2016, and will then be annual.

You can read about the current Mort Johnson scholar, Nicola Mackay, in this Australian Bananas magazine article.

Previous Mort Johnston Scholarship Recipients

  • 2018 – Nicola Mackay
  • 2016 – Helen Garate
  • 2013 – Liam Riedy “Investigation into the use and efficacy of biological fungicides in the Australian Banana Industry”
  • 2012 – Naomi King “Taiwan and China Banana Study Tour”
  • 2011 – Matthew Whittle “Investigating the application of Short Sea Shipping”
  • 2009 – Mee Hua Wong “Identifying Banana Freckle Disease Pathogens”
  • 2009 – Kevan Jones “Investigating the use of silicon as a soil amendment in banana growing to enhance tolerance to fusarium wilt (and other diseases)”
  • 2009 – Jane Milburn “Develop a new narrative for Australian Agriculture“
  • 2008 – Fiona Giblin “On-Farm Biosecuity Project“