NSW BGA leadership teams take on new term

The Coffs Harbour executive: Ron Gray, Jeff Eggins, Phil Bicknell and Wally Gately.
Team Nambucca: Tony Styles and Vicki McCudden (not pictured: Joyce Ward).
Leading the Tweed: Zac McKeever, Ethan McKeever and Colin Singh.

The hard-working executive teams of the three New South Wales-based Banana Growers Associations have been re-elected for another term.

In August, the Nambucca BGA re-elected Vicki McCudden as president, Tony Styles as secretary and Joyce Ward as Treasurer.

In October, Colin Singh (president), Ethan McKeever (vice president/events organiser) and Zac McKeever (secretary/treasurer) began their next term at the Tweed and Brunswick BGA.

Finally, in December, Wally Gately was reelected as president of the Coffs and District BGA, with Jeff Eggins as First Vice President and Treasurer, Phil Bicknell continuing as Secretary and Ron Gray as Second Vice President rounding out the executive team.

Michelle Williams will continue in her role as Public Officer.

Congratulations to all those taking on these positions for another term – it is certainly no small feat and is much appreciated by the larger banana community.